Garden Design


Price Guide

Most full Garden Designs fall into a price range of £400- £600 but large, complicated or very small projects may be out of this range. 

Price for project management, specifications and construction details to be discussed separately.

 The Process

  • The process starts with a site visit for me to discuss your wants, needs and constraints. Ideally this is with the whole family so everyone has a chance to voice their ideas. Any photos of styles, plants or even ornaments that you like are helpful at this point for me to gauge what kind of look you are going for. This is your garden and must be to your unique taste.


  • After we have looked at the area to be designed  I will measure the site and take pictures, this is to get an idea of the size, shape and levels. If it is a larger area with complex levels or needs structural work I will probably suggest a professional survey.

  • From this information I will create a 2D  Garden Design and 3D visuals that can be tweaked until you are happy with the design. Here are some examples of previous garden designs: