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Seven projects into the year so far and looking forward to lots of interesting projects to be built in the coming months.  Below are some projects that are just starting out.


Tuddenham Mill 

This was today’s visit with Roger Gladwell Landscapes and fellow designer Hannah Sheffield, a stunning setting outside Newmarket. The brief is to make a great setting amazing and maximise the use of the space for the restaurant users and guests whilst being sympathetic to the grade  II listed  historic setting. It was a pleasure to survey such a lovely setting and was the poshest tea me and Hannah have ever been made at a site meeting!



A Room with a View

With new development builds going up everywhere at the moment there are more instances of privacy issues in people’s gardens. This was an extreme case where a new build had been built parallel to the garden and a whopping four meters above the garden level, making a once very private garden with views across marshland an overlooked space with a very distracting unwanted feature.  The main goals are to obscure it as much as possible and re-direct the eye away from it. Mature Hollys will be planted on the ridge to reinstate some measure of privacy and some suggestions are to re-orientate the patio to encourage the eye to look out at the marshes, planting pockets in the paving with eye catching planting will help direct the eye with pleached trees to the side to give closer screening without blocking the views from the site’s dwelling.



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