Costs of Landscaping

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Its been an extremely busy summer so have sorely neglected the blog but there is a subject that I have wanted to talk about for awhile which is extremely applicable to anybody who wants to have landscaping done and that is the cost.

One of the things I ask new clients  is have you thought about a budget and most of the time the answer is we haven’t thought about a figure and we have no idea how much it will cost. Because Landscaping is such a bespoke service the costs vary from job to job and prices are not really something that can be listed in a brochure but guesstimates can be made depending on the size, features and materials.

Hard landscaping i.e paving, decking and walls are normally the most expensive aspects of the job and a good cost indication of paving is £100 per square metre to lay the paving (labour and materials to lay) plus the actual paving cost on top (Anywhere from £15 – £60 per square metre depending on the material) though these prices may vary depending on the company and also how easy the site is to access and excavate but you can see how paving quickly gets expensive.

For a basic landscaping makeover for a small urban back garden with flat levels and little clearance needed you would be looking at around £8,000 +VAT and prices elevate from there depending on size and complexity.

Ways to reduce costs without compromising the design is to use cheaper materials such as gravel paths instead of paved or timber sleeper walls instead of  brick but if the prices are still too high expectations will need to be reduced. Be wary of landscaping companies that give you a very cheap price in comparison with others, it is cheap for a reason. You can of course carry out the landscaping works yourself but this is tiring, time consuming and skilled work so is not an option for a lot of people.

To give an idea of the costs associated with landscaping, below are the costs of  a few projects done over the period 2017 to present.


Project  below: £35,000 + VAT


Modern Garden with topiary, decking and lighting






Project  below: £40,000 + VAT





Project  below: £18,500 + VAT (Landscaping only)


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